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Last updated on Jun 10th, 2021 at 05:01 pm

A couple from California have gone viral thanks to their unusual pandemic wedding…

Just three days before Lauren Jimenez (29) and Patrick Delgado (27) were set to tie the knot at the end of November, Lauren tested positive for Covid-19.

They had already postponed their wedding three times, and their marriage licence was on the verge of expiring. There was nothing else to do, but go ahead with the wedding. BUT, the creative pair – inspired by Disney’s Tangled – put together one of the sweetest ‘alternative’ pandemic weddings we’ve seen.

Lauren, dressed in white, sat on the first floor windowsill of a room in her parent’s California home where she is self-isolating. She was ‘tethered’ to her beloved by a white ribbon decorated with blossoms. Lauren and Patrick exchanged vows in front of just ten guests who all wore masks. According to reports, some guests even observed the ceremony from their cars.

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Spectacular photos despite the distance

Kudos must be given to the couple’s incredible photographer, Jess Caste who stood by them despite Lauren’s Covid-19 diagnosis.

She still managed to make the day look ‘magical’, despite the distance between the couple. These pictures will certainly be something memorable to share with their kids and grandkids in the future!


“Yesterday was an actual COVID wedding and we had an actual COVID bride, but through the very extreme and rough circumstances, Lauren and Patrick still exchanged vows, rings, and an undying love for one another! I seriously love you guys so much and your positive attitude to make the best out of every situation inspires me!” posted their photographer, Jess Caste.

According to KTLA, Lauren stayed in isolation for ten days after the wedding ceremony before being reunited with her hubby. They told the publication that they would have a huge celebration on their first anniversary.

Pandemic weddings in 2020

Lauren and Patrick weren’t the only couple to alter their wedding plans this year. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many couples to re-think their ‘big day’. While many chose to postpone or cancel, some innovative couples came up with alternative ideas to protect themselves and their guests.

This couple tied the knot over zoom:

This couple hosted their dream wedding on Zoom and “It was the best thing ever”

Another trend that kicked off was the drive-through wedding. Many venues set up outdoor spaces for couples to exchange vows while guests parked around them in cinema-style setup. Everyone was served meals inside their vehicles.

While the dancefloors have remained empty, couples still chose ‘their song’ and put together some popular wedding playlists. Whether they were dancing in their living room, over Zoom, or just sharing their playlist with their loved ones, here are the top wedding songs of 2020:

Covid-19 didn’t stop newlyweds from dancing to ‘their song’ – Top wedding tunes of 2020 revealed


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