On Tuesday afternoon, the City of Johannesburg tweeted a photograph of a vandalised wall on a complex, and urged residents to get their affairs in order…

The image of the wall shows a spray-painted message to someone named “Thulani”. It says “Tell Thulani I want my R50,000 tororrow. (SIC)”

Clearly Thulani is in trouble. And he’s in trouble with the kind of person who doesn’t mind disobeying the law, and sending reminders to his debtors in a very public forum. Also, the kind of person who can’t spell tomorrow. This, together with the City’s tweet, had readers in hysterics.

The City of Joburg, however, wants nothing to do with Thulani’s affairs, and is, instead, it seems rather annoyed by the vandalism. The tweet urges “residents to sort out their personal issues appropriately.”

They also encourage residents to plan their finances well for the festive period ahead. “#BudgetYourDezemba,” says the tweet.

Joburgers are also encouraged to report vandalism. So if anyone saw the guy Thulani owes money to, please send their description to 0800 00 25 87.


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