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In this short and sweet Q&A, hitmaker and entrepreneur Boity revealed to All4Women which essential items she can’t leave the house without packing into her handbag. 

Boity Thulo is one of the busiest entertainers around. She’s almost always on the move, and this means that she needs to ensure that whatever is in her handbag can help her get through any obstacle which she might encounter on a day to day basis. 

We spoke to the 4436 hitmaker to find out a bit more about how her handbag fits into her day to day life and we were intrigued to find out the secret to why she never ever forgets any key item no matter where she goes.

What’s in Boity’s Handbag 

According to the multi-skilled entertainer, these are the items she will never leave the house without packing: 

“Wow let me think. 5 items you’re always likely to find in my handbag include… a phone charger, my phones (plural!), lip balm, hand sanitiser (because you can’t be too safe these days” and lastly eyelash glue”.

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It seems as if she is well on top of her essentials, but we were curious to know if there are any items which she frequently forgets when packing her bags. To our surprise, she revealed that she’s got a system for making sure nothing ever gets left behind when she said: 

“I don’t really forget any hey. The thing is I have a really big bag which I keep all the essentials in, and I never unpack it. So as long as I have it I will never forget anything. If I decide to take a smaller bag with me, then I bring the bigger bag as well and just leave it in the car. 


Boity’s stylish handbag collection 

We couldn’t leave without complimenting Boity’s stylish handbag collection and we asked what she looks out for in a bag and she reply: 

“Thank you! I do enjoy bags and I think I just want a collection that works for its purpose. If the purpose is to complete the outfit and make a statement, or if the purpose is to look good but serve all my uses, then it’s a winner. I have different bags for different occasions” 

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