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It’s officially Boity Day! We spoke to the talented rapper on the day her new EP released

If everybody on your timeline is talking about Boity, it’s because she has just released her first ever full body of work. The multi-skilled star has been steadily releasing single after single for the past two years but the time has finally arrived to listen to her on a full project. We couldn’t wait to speak to her ahead of this momentous occasion.

A Zoom call with Boity

We began by dialling her in on Zoom, as is the norm these days, and once she picked up we expressed just how excited we were not only to be in December, but because something exciting was coming our way this Friday. What could we be talking about?

“You could be talking about the hottest EP that anybody has ever heard, due for release on the 4th of December. That might be the reason?”

With no time to waste, we wanted to find out why she chose this of all days to finally release her project. She replied,

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“To be honest with you, once we got the full greenlight on all aspects I was like ‘cool, let’s drop this’. I didn’t want to choose another 5-weeks where we were going to wait, or choose a date in the distant future to keep teasing my fans. Once we had the album mastered, the tracklist finalised, the cover art designed I was like – nope, let’s go! And we decided to drop on the 4th”



Sometimes when a new artist finally puts together their first project, it can be a bit of a departure from the person we fell in love with. Boity assured us this won’t be the case with her as she added:

“The loyal fans will definitely enjoy what’s on the EP. It’s the same Boity you’ve come to know over the past few months and years as a rapper. But I also feel like I’ve improved quite a bit, you know? So hopefully you’ll be able to notice that. Other than that, it’s a very rap-heavy album, I rapped my best lines and strongest bars and all the contributors brought the same magic”.

What is the meaning of 4436?

The cover art features Boity looking as regal as ever, but we wanted to find out more about the album title: 4436

“It’s my grandmother’s house, where I lived for a long time in Potchefstroom. It’s her street number actually and it’s just such an important place of significance in my life that I had to pay homage to my family in this unique way, on my first ever project”.


The album features a number of Mzansi’s biggest stars including Nasty C, Riky Rick and several more sharp-tongued wordsmiths. Boity explained why we should look forward to the featured artists:

“Everybody on this album brought it hey, wow. Like I really enjoy Maglera Doe Boy, his verse was insane! I had to feature him because he’s from Klerksdorp, I’m from Potch, it’s like the two finest from those neighbouring regions, I had to. And he brought that energy. In fact, everybody on the album, Maggz, Ginger Trill – they all brought it to the table hey, I am so impressed”

“It was such an honour to see people believe in it so much that they decided to give it their best, I didn’t even have to tell them to do anything, they just showed up and did the most.”



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Boity’s closing thoughts

Last but not least, we wanted to know if we should enjoy the album in order or jam it on shuffle?

“I think the songs stand alone so it doesn’t matter if you listen in order or you shuffle, the songs will still definitely do the job. As long as you enjoy it, from me to you!”

Have you heard Boity’s new EP, 4436 yet? You can stream it on all major platforms now!