They dated for 18 months and shared some incredible experiences together until they finally tied the knot at the end of November 2020…

A quick glance at Yuri Tolochko’s Instagram may give the impression of a well-built guy enjoying some adventures with a lovely lady by his side. But on closer inspection, you may find that Yuri’s partner is the silent type. She doesn’t smile much either.

This is because the gorgeous blonde named Margo is actually a sex doll. This doesn’t seem to bother Yuri much, as the bodybuilder from Kazakhstan believes that couples need to talk less and connect more. He shares other pearls of relationship wisdom on his Instagram page which documents the couple’s adventures together.



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Most recently, they embarked on the biggest journey of their lives – marriage

In a ceremony attended by close friends and family, Yuri and the love of his life tied the knot and even shared a first dance together.

What began as a flirtatious encounter just 18 months ago has now culminated in this union between man and doll.

Follow Yuri’s Instagram to see where the future takes them. But be warned – there are some explicit images on his feed!