Local celebrity, Clare Wiese-Wentzel, the presenter of Kyknet’s Mooimaak, has stepped up to help a Khayelitsha based animal clinic after the clinic suffered during lockdown…

“My rescue dog, Kimbey, recently passed away. In her honour, I wanted to assist animals in need. This is when I heard about the Mdzananda Animal Clinic’s struggle due to lockdown and I immediately knew they needed my help,” says Mrs Wiese-Wentzel.

The animal clinic was robbed three times during lockdown, one of which was an armed robbery. “Having a gun pointed at you is something you can never be prepared for,” says Marcelle du Plessis, Fundraising and Communications Manager. “But all that flashed through my mind was the animals and our staff. I just prayed that everyone would be safe.”

Increased security measures have added to their monthly costs

After the robberies they had to increase their security significantly and this alone now costs them R26 000 per month. “We had to upgrade many things and hire a full-time security company and guard. This will now be a continued expense, something we did not budget for,” says du Plessis.

“I immediately signed up as a Paw Member and started making a monthly donation,” says Mrs Wiese-Wentzel. “I felt strongly that I had to do more, and I knew Kimbey (my dog) would want that too.”

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Mrs Wiese-Wentzel and Kimbey have now become patrons for the animal clinic, encouraging more people to sign up as Paw Members

A heartfelt video of Kimbey’s life was filmed to encourage pet owners to sign up in honour of their pets or passed over pets. “I know that Kimbey will be proud to know she is helping animals who aren’t as privileged as she was.”

Apart from the robberies the clinic lost R142 000 between April and November from monthly donors needing to cancel their debit orders. This is excluding the approximately R1 100 000 in increased expenses and lack of income generation activities since lockdown started.

Mrs Wiese-Wentzel and Kimbey’s video asks people to sign up as Paw Members, donating R100 per month to help the clinic through this difficult time.

“Dogs bring so much sunshine and unconditional love and loyalty into your life. As pet owners we need to show them that love back and we can do so by supporting an incredible organisation.”

Up to 1000 pets treated every month

The Mdzananda Animal clinic treats up to 1000 community pets per month that, otherwise, would have little to no access to veterinary care due to the lack of transport in the community to get pets to private vets as well as the cost involved. They also focus on education, helping community pet owners become the best pet owners they can be.

“R100 per month is a small contribution from you but it will make a massive difference to these tiny, innocent little creatures,” says Mrs Wiese-Wentzel.