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During lockdown, we saw many people taking self-care seriously because of the much-needed benefits it provided for people’s mental and physical well-being.

Now with the festive season approaching, traditionally the wheels tend to fall off when it comes to practicing a balanced lifestyle. Healthy eating and exercise are often replaced with late nights and over consumption of food and alcohol.

However, what if you realised that by trading in your healthier eating and lifestyle habits over the holiday season that you could be adding significantly to issues of infertility and other female health related issues?

Healthcare Practitioner and well-known media personality, Dr Sindi van Zyl, points out why over this much needed summer break our plans shouldn’t contain mostly wild parties and late nights.

“Over the holidays it’s common practice for people to let normally healthy habits fall to the wayside. That doesn’t make it right or good for our bodies though, especially for people suffering from PCOS and infertility. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) affects 10 – 15% of women around the world and it can lead to type 2 diabetes, depression, mood swings, cardiovascular disease or female infertility.”

“I cannot stress enough the importance of responsible consumption to effectively manage the risk factors associated with PCOS such as metabolic syndrome. Signs of metabolic syndrome can be excessive fat around your waistline, while another common issue is menstrual pain and heavy menstrual bleeding that can really throw you off your diet leading to excessive cravings of junk food. Management of weight through religious exercise and good nutrition to curb cravings is a good foundation to start followed by seeking treatment options,” Dr Sindi says.

Dr Sindi also suffers from PCOS

As a PCOS sufferer herself, Dr Sindi’s advice on how to help curb the temptation of unhealthy habits taking over during the holiday season is to get your family involved by creating an immediate support group so you can all help each other stick to a fitness routine while also bonding with your loved ones. “Plan a family holiday with a healthy eating plan in place and set each other fitness goals to measure and evaluate your progress.”

“Apart from the obvious and necessary lifestyle choices you make to improve your health, there are also other ways to help manage the conditions of PCOS, heavy menstrual bleeding and menstrual pain – like the Salome Range that contains herbal extracts. The Salome range are over the counter products that you can get from most pharmacies and I prefer using this type of product,” Dr Sindi adds.

This year has definitely challenged us to restructure so many aspects of our daily lives and restructuring your holiday shouldn’t be exempt. Now more than ever we need healthy minds and bodies to conquer whatever 2021 holds for us. For more information on 3Sixty Biomedicine’s Salome range that helps manage heavy menstrual bleeding, menstrual pain and PCOS, visit the 3Sixty Biomedicine website or follow them on social media.

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Don’t take a “fat chance” with your fertility this festive season

During lockdown, we saw many people taking self-care seriously because of the much-needed benefits it provided for people’s mental and physical well-being.

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Mrs SA Semi-finalist Zama Bekwa

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#BreakTheSilence campaign: Continuing the PCOS conversation on social media

#BreakTheSilence campaign: Continuing the PCOS conversation

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PCOS Awareness Month: Managing symptoms & seeking help #BreakTheSilence empowers millions

It is estimated that 8 – 13% of women are affected by PCOS, many of whom may not know enough about the disorder to recognise the symptoms, seek medical help, which will assist with diagnosis and secure the help they so desperately need.

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