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The majority of diets eventually fail because even if you lose a lot of weight in the beginning, the diet just isn’t sustainable and you are likely to slowly go back to your old way of eating, if not just all-out binging on the foods you love.

When I tried GO-LO it wasn’t about how much weight I could lose in a few days, there were no scales or measuring tapes involved, the only question I wanted to answer was, “Can I live this way long-term?”

I’m not your typical low-carb woman

I love just about every carb you can think of with an almost supernatural passion. On most days I load up on carbohydrates at every meal, and like most South Africans, carbs are the biggest portion on my plate.

Even though I understand, and I have seen, how a diet which is a little lower in carbohydrates can make a difference not only to a person’s weight loss, but also to their general health; it’s just hard to imagine life without peanut butter sandwiches, a comforting bowl of porridge in the morning and pizza wraps.

Going into the review my greatest comfort was knowing that I didn’t have to turn my entire diet on its head overnight.

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Go-Lo Complete Lifestyle Nutrition
Go-Lo Complete Lifestyle Nutrition

Does GO-LO hit the spot?

GO-LO offers a large range of traditional carb-loaded foods in low carbohydrate variants which works well for popular diets like the Keto and Atkins diets.

This means you can adapt your favourite foods without having to go so far out that you neither recognise nor like them anymore.

Turning bread (especially) into a low-carb food means changing up the ingredients almost completely which means it will taste different, feel different but still fulfill its sandwich-making purpose.

I really appreciated not having to bake a loaf, make some ‘cloud bread’ or do anything other than retrieve a few slices from the fridge and quickly make my sandwich.

Can I make a change?

I’ve made changes to my diet and lifestyle in the past, then I got too busy to cook my meals and too busy to bake everything. I would eat a sandwich and also be annoyed about everything I ate being new and not-so-exciting – a huge leap from ‘normal’.

One of my favourite things about the GO-LO range is that I am still basically eating a version of my favourite ‘normal’ foods. I still have the convenience of quick and easy-to-make meals, including sandwiches.

The current pandemic has highlighted the importance of good general health and a diet that supports a healthy weight without making you miserable.

GO-LO could definitely make transitioning into a low-carb diet much easier. It also makes it easier to stick to your new and improved lifestyle thanks to the convenience of the food and packaging.

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