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It was a bittersweet Saturday as congregants made their way to Soweto to give Mshoza a final send-off. She was also presented with a tombstone and a signature Rasta portrait.

Mshoza was laid to her final resting place on Saturday morning during a star-studded funeral service. Many members from the Mzansi music industry, along with other celebrities like Khanyi Mbau all joined Mshoza’s friends and family as they gave the Kortes hitmaker the perfect send-off.

Shortly after the funeral, Mshoza’s lavish tombstone was unveiled to the world although the less said about the portrait she received from Rasta, the better.

An emotional funeral for Mshoza

Although Mshoza would have wanted her own funeral to be as lively as she was, there’s no denying that some of the scenes made for some emotional viewing. It wasn’t easy listening to her daughter, Pride, give a sad eulogy as she said, “Mommy I am at a loss of words, I wasn’t ready to lose you. I don’t know how I am going to make it without you … But I know it’s God’s plan. I love you mama, I know you are watching over us,”

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Mshoza’s longtime friend and fellow celebrity Khanyi Mbau spoke in glowing terms about the fallen singer when she said, “If resilience and staying power was a person it would be her. We may cry but legends never die, they find a place in our hearts, in history and the fibre of our culture as it evolves in going forward. We allow her to rest and take her place in the sky with all the musical gods.”

One of the more light-hearted moments of the funeral proceedings came when guests laid eyes on Mshoza’s tombstone for the first time. It was larger than life, loud and lively; everything Mshoza stood for in her life, take a look below:

Mshoza's tombstone.
Mshoza’s tombstone unveiled (image credit:

Rasta tries to paint Mshoza

Mshoza also received one other tribute on the day of her funeral: this one from painter Lebani Sirenje, more popularly known by his artist nickname, Rasta. The painter is infamous for his portraits, most of which are usually painted at funerals and memorial services depicting late public figures. The only issue is that Rasta’s work has gained a reputation for all the wrong reasons: usually because his renditions look nothing like the people he is trying to paint!

Unfortunately, Rasta’s and his brushes struck again this Saturday. The controversial artist attempted to paint a portrait of Mshoza and the final product looked almost nothing like the star we came to know and love.