Tik Tok sensations Malcom and Thembi were the talk of the nation this weekend after he bought his elderly domestic helper her first-ever car. 

During a grim and difficult 2020, few things have made us smile like Malcolm Wentzel and Thembi Ubisi’s rise to internet stardom. Malcolm and Thembi’s working relationship, which includes plenty of banter and quotable catchphrases, has found a special place in our hearts as they have grown in following on Tik Tok and across social media. But even their biggest fans weren’t ready for the gift that Malcolm was about to spoil his worker with. 

Thembi gets her first car

Malcolm and Thembi’s viral working relationship has given us plenty to talk about as a country over the past few months, not least of all because of their hilarious exchanges. Some have enjoyed their humorous connection, while others, at first, expressed their doubts about how genuine Malcolm’s intentions were, especially as he was seen to be benefiting more from their growing fame than his helper Thembi was. 

Those doubts were put to bed this weekend when Malcolm surprised Thembi with an awesome gift: her very own car. An excited Malcolm wrote on Twitter, ““Congratulations to my Thembi. I bought her her first car at the age most people retire!” 


As one would be if they got a brand new car, Thembi was filled with emotion as she welcomed her new set of wheels.


@malcolm_fkn_wentzelProud to do this for someone who truly deserves it…