Toenails are weird looking things; they have a unique shape and grow differently not only for each person but each toe as well

If your toenails suddenly look weird, smell weird or feel weird, it could not only make you feel uncomfortable about the appearance of your feet but also cause concern for your health and the health of your feet.

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Crumbling toenails

Toenails may come in different shapes, but they definitely aren’t supposed to crumble.
Crumbling and discoloured toenails are likely a sing of toenails fungus and can also be the cause of smelly feet.
Toenail fungus infections can cause your toenails to become abnormally thick.
There are both over the counter and prescriptions treatments for toenail fungus, and while it is a common problem that can be treated at home, if it persists, you should see a Dr for a proper diagnosis and possibly stronger treatment.

Close-up foot of nail fungus
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Dark toenails

Dark toenails and fingernails can be a birth trait some people are born with, but it can also be because of injury or wearing shoes that are too tight.
This causes bruising under the toenail causing the dark, blue-purple tinge to your nails.
Injured toenails can usually resolve on their own depending on the extent of the injury. If there is any bleeding or the bruising doesn’t fade in a few days, you should seek medical advice.

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injured toenail

Toenails growing into your toe

When your toenails grow into your actual toe, it is called an ingrown toenail. This can be painful and uncomfortable and sometimes need medical attention.
Ingrown toenails are caused by something as simple as cutting your toenails incorrectly (leaving the top straight with sharp edges) or wearing shoes that are too tight or too narrow pushing your nails into your toe.

Damaged toenail. The thumb on the man's leg. Top view.
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Curved and narrow toenails

Curved toenails or pincer nails can are more common as we age. The toenails become narrow and grown into the toenail skin and become ingrown as well.
This can be caused by a fungal infection or because nails are squeezed into that shape gradually by wearing tight shoes frequently.

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