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Chrissy Teigen is “in a grief depression hole”, but has told fans “not to worry”

The 34-year-old model recently suffered a devastating pregnancy loss and has been taking extended breaks from social media to help her cope with the grieving process, and apologised to fans on Wednesday for not being around as much as she used to be.

Sad but courageous

She wrote on Twitter: “I’m not tweeting much because I’m honestly in a bit of a grief depression hole but do not worry as I have so much help around me to get better and I’ll be fixed soon. (sic)”

Although Chrissy has been posting less frequently in recent weeks, she has been updating fans sporadically and recently shared pictures of the tattoo she got in tribute of her late son, whom she and her husband John Legend had named Jack.

The ‘Chrissy’s Court’ star – who also has Luna (4)  and Miles (2) with John – also opened up on the way her family have been working through their grief, whilst posting a video that showed Jack’s box of ashes that had just arrived.

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She said: “Our house is very open about life, death, grief, everything really. We try to explain things well and answer every question imaginable in a beautiful, spiritual but literal way. I know this is a weird post but I just wanted to share these to always remember my incredibly empathetic little mini.”

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Meanwhile, John recently praised his wife for being “so courageous” following their heartbreaking loss.

He said: “I’m thankful for my wife, first of all. She’s been so courageous and been through so much this year. Knowing that we have each other has been really buoying for me. It’s made me just appreciate what we have together – our family. I’m so appreciative of that. When you make a commitment to be with someone through sickness and health, sometimes life will test that and really challenge you. I feel like it’s made us stronger.”


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