If you find yourself buying a little something for your Christmas tree every year, you’re in good company

Christmas Décor is one of our favourite things about the festive season and we’re going big on a small budget this year.

Watch the video above to learn our special tips and tricks for this years Christmas

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Mixing up the old with the new

We are all for the excitement of buying new Christmas décor, but we are also fans of the nostalgia that comes with bringing out the stock of Christmas decorations we’ve built up over the years.

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The beauty of Christmas is that you don’t necessarily need any other theme. You can abandon your colour scheme, mix and match the themes you like and simply go wild with the Christmas spirit. It is after all the silly season.

Get creative

From Christmas Carols to Christmas treats, South African’s seem to be reaching for the unattainable; dreaming of a white Christmas at the peak of summer.

Get creative and make the best of the seasonal mismatch by mixing and maxing your décor. What could be a gorgeous wreath perfectly placed on the front door of one home could be the perfect centrepiece in your home.

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Christmas is a sensory experience

From the sound of jingle bells to the taste of Christmas mince pies, Christmas is an experience you can immerse all your senses into.

While we all get the appeal of the perfect Christmas decorations, many of us neglect the Christmassy smell people around the world recognise, it’s sticky, it’s sweet, it’s warm and spicy; it’s just Christmas.

Invest in deliciously scented candles or a bowl of spicy potpourri with citrus undertones to get your home smelling like Christmas spirit.

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