Many people are allergic to dairy, some without even knowing it

While lactose intolerance can manifest itself exactly as you would expect with stomach aches, diarrhoea, constipation and other digestive issues, there are some unexpected ways that lactose intolerance can show itself too.

Skin irritation

The food we eat affects every part of our bodies, including our skin.
Many allergies can show up as skin irritation and rashes dairy can affect the skin in something even as severe as chronic eczema.
Because people can ‘get over’ and also develop allergies.
A dairy allergy and getting over a dairy allergy could be the mysterious and unexpected cause of seemingly sudden changes or improvements in your skin.

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Respiratory problems

Respiratory problems can be serious and very unsettling during the current pandemic. While it is always wise to investigate if a more sinister cause could be behind your breathing problems, lactose intolerance is also a possibility.
Illnesses like asthma and sinus problems are often a case of inflammation which can be caused by an allergic reaction and recurrent when you have no idea your daily bowl of cereal is triggering an allergic reaction every morning.

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You’re always tired and can’t seem to lose weight

There are many causes for fatigue especially at the end of a very long year; there are also many reasons for weight resistance, but lactose intolerance is often overlooked as a cause for both.
Lactose intolerance can trigger a hormonal reaction and affect your thyroid causing fatigue and also hampering your weight loss.
While it may be easy to blame lactose intolerance for yet another failed diet if you suspect your thyroid isn’t properly functioning it is important to seek medical advice urgently.