The song Obani Laba Bantu, sung by 65-year-old granny Gee Six Five has swept the nation and looks set to be our next December hit! 

You can never predict what will go viral in South Africa. From the John Vul’ iGate challenge to many others before it, when the stars align for a video, even the most surprising concepts can find themselves becoming national talking topics.

Take, for instance the new hit single by Gee Six Five, which looked to be nothing more than a parody at first but has now become a national sensation. Obani Laba Bantu is the song that everybody is talking about right now and the single is even competing with those from other top artists! 

Gogo Goes Viral With Trendy Song

Nobody knew Olpha Selepe this time last week. But all that changed when she took on the stage name Gee Six Five (referencing that she’s a Gogo, who is 65-years-old) and recorded her first-ever amapiano hit single: Obani Laba Bantu (which translates to “Who are these people?”) in isiZulu. 

You can be forgiven for thinking that this was all some kind of joke because within a few seconds it becomes clear that the granny, although very charming and endearing, has no musical talent whatsoever. Despite her hilariously bad vocals, it’s the message of the song which resonated with listeners. 

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She explained in an interview with Sowetan Live that the song, funny as it may be, was a response to societal trends – particularly when it comes to people-pleasing.

She said, “People always say… abantu bayangihleba [people are gossiping], abantu bayangizonda [people hate me]. We never include ourselves. The song offers a question and an answer. Through the song I’m asking a question, who are these people that we always refer to? …and the answer is me, you, her and all of us.”

Gee Six Five dominates iTunes 

Obani Lababantu goes to #1 on the iTunes Chart! (Image Credit:


Olpha had been thinking of the song for months during lockdown and finally released it on Thursday. Although she probably hoped it would do well, even she couldn’t have anticipated that her debut single would trend in the manner which it has. At the time of writing, the music video is quickly approaching 100,000 views on YouTube and the single is charting in the iTunes South Africa top 20. On Sunday night Obani Laba Bantu had managed to reach “#1” on the digital chart!

Its charting success has been matched by its social media momentum too. Many fans have used the songs in memes, while others have simply taken a moment to pay homage to Gee Six Five and her off-brand talents. 


With the song all over our timelines and climbing the charts, it looks well on track to be one of December’s Anthems. Will you be dancing along when you hear Obani Laba Bantu at your next party?



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