A UK mom and her two children were unable to enter two rooms of their home in Scunthorpe, because they held painful reminders of loved ones they had tragically lost…

Caroline Blanchard and her son Reece and daughter Paige Hope were featured in the latest series of the BBC reality show, DIY SOS. The show centres around a construction and décor team who help transform the lives of people in desperate need of their skills.

But after the first episode of the new series aired over the weekend, Twitter was in tears at the tragic circumstances the single mom had to endure.


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In 2007, Caroline and her husband Paul were happily married with two children. However, their seven-year-old daughter Natasha suffered a freak accident in their garage where she hit her head on a cupboard while riding a neighbour’s mini motorbike. Her father, Paul had briefly gone out of the room to fetch a helmet.

While Natasha seemed okay after the injury, her condition deteriorated later that day and she was rushed to hospital. Two days later, Caroline and Paul were forced to make the horrific choice to turn off Natasha’s life support.

Paul was never able to come to terms with the loss of his little girl

Despite the couple having another daughter, Paige Hope, in 2012, Paul suffered major health issues, and according to the show ended up in hospital at least 22 times. Eventually, in 2016 he suffered cardiac arrest in the conservatory of the family home. He was rushed to hospital, but Caroline was forced to turn off his life support ten days later.

Tragically, Paul had no life insurance and Caroline has been struggling to keep the family afloat as a single mum. She and her son and daughter don’t want to leave the home they all shared as a family, but at the same time, can’t bare to go into the two rooms in which their loved ones suffered so much.

The BBC’s DIY SOS team stepped in to help. The show covers the home’s transformation and the emotional journey the family has taken to get some closure.

Social Media commenters shared their tears after the show concluded:

  • Stuart Courts: Just watched the big build on TV, was in tears for most of the show. WELL DONE DIY SOS you are amazing.
  • Pearl Gould: What an amazing job yet again my heart is broken!!
  • Jan Lane: I was in tears watching this. But what a brave lady. I know personally I found it hard to stay in my flat after my husband passed. There were so many painful memories there
  • Nicola Macfarlane: Just watched it, and never cried as much at one of these. Amazing what they did and I hope the family can enjoy the new space. Well done to everyone that worked on it.
  • Rob Mashford: My god DIY SOS this one was a massive tear jerker tonight. Love to that amazing family and what they have been through. And to everyone involved in that build, just stunning!

*DIY SOS: The Big Build is not yet available on DStv South Africa