Popular video platform TikTok is one application that has taken over the social media scene with over a billion downloads on Playstore

However, there have been numerous concerns regarding the use of the app ranging from safety to cyberbullying, strange censorships and more.

5 Easy steps to TikTok safety

The top two concerns when it comes to the use of the app are:

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  1. Concern over predators
  2. Lewd or offensive content

Concerns over predators

Many young users have reported being targeted by older users of the app with predators even requesting to meet with them and sharing inappropriate content.

Lewd or offensive content

Numerous disturbing videos have ended up on the platform with many complaints around suggestive content regarding nudity and lewd dancing.

Many countries have gone as far as banning the app.

Watch the video above for more on these top 10 dark secrets behind TikTok.

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