Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 08:41 pm

We take a look at 5 Kwaito legends who have also passed on in recent years. The recently deceased Mshoza is in good company, although we will miss her deeply.

The Sowetan revealed that Mshoza’s cause of death was from complications related to diabetes.

Mshoza’s untimely death has sent shockwaves across the country. Although it’s been a day since the news broke on Thursday morning, many are still trying to process just how we could have lost such an influential figure at the tender age of 37-years-old. 

For many others, this simply felt all too familiar. The Kwaito community has lost a number of legendary musicians in the past 20 years and almost all of them feel as if they were gone too soon. 

If there’s one silver lining to this dark cloud; it’s that Mshoza is not alone in Heaven. Many imagine that she will have been greeted by many of Mzansi’s late legends from yesteryear and one can only imagine the grooving sounds coming from the clouds above. RIP Mshoza, as well as these late Kwaito legends: 

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Lebo Mathosa 

October 2020 actually marked 14 years since the news broke that Lebo Mathosa was no more. The Kwaito star is still regarded as one the most gifted musicians in South African history, and on a fateful day in 2006, she died at the age of 29 after a horrific car crash. Her music still lives on to this day.


Everybody who has been to a live sporting event in South Africa will know Mandoza’s iconic song, Nkalakatha. The husky-voiced performer left a big mark on the Kwaito scene for years before he eventually passed on in 2016 but the spirit of Nkalakatha has been revived in Costa Titche’s viral song by the same title.

R Mashesha 

R Mashesha was part of an exciting Durban Kwaito movement with trio, Big Nuz. Unfortunately the singer’s health, which was the source of social media speculation for a long time, eventually deteriorated to the point that he passed on in 2015. 

Brown Dash

Brown Dash was one of THE artists who defined the early 00s Kwaito era. His career shot up in 2002 when he began working with DJ Cleo on the hit single Puff n’ Pass and peaked in 2005 when he won a SAMA for Best Kwaito act. Quite eerily, Brown Dash died in 2012 on the same day that another legend died…

Brenda Fassie 

That Brenda Fassie and Brown Dash share a date of death, albeit 8 years apart, is quite curious. Brenda might not have been a bonafide Kwaito star but she certainly contributed to Kwaito culture and goes down in history as arguably South Africa’s most famous musical act ever. The legend passed on in 2004 but her legacy is as strong as ever.