If you have always dreamed about owning a South African Airways toothpick or oven bag, now is your chance

Actually, you can own about 540 000 SAA toothpicks and 184 000 oven bags – not to mention 32 000 sets of chopsticks.

According to a notice by WH Auctioneers, an unreserved online auction of items from SAA’s inflight services will take place from 23 to 26 November. Registration has already opened.

Apparently it is excess stock on sale, some of has expiry dates coming up. The stock includes alcohol (premium wine, gin, whiskey and brandy), soft drinks, premium brand crew luggage, and raincoats.

Other items going on auction include 2-ply tissues and toilet paper (unclear whether 1- or 2-ply). There are also paper hand towels – both the flushable and non-flushable types – as well as plastic cutlery, large plastic dirt bags and refresher towels.

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Being kept awake by your partner’s snoring or the neighbours celebrating an ease in lockdown restrictions? Maybe go for the 8 000 sets of earplugs up for auction.

The saying goes that for every pot there is a lid. Well, perhaps not at SAA, since there seem to be thousands of foil lids – in a variety of colours of course – but not nearly as many foil containers listed.

Last but not least, prime items in the age of coronavirus will likely be the multi-purpose sanitising sprays, and face and body washes, complemented by various hand and body lotions… and some “condition shampoo for lounge” as well. The latter, likely for those former frequent flyers who miss the ambience of the SAA business class lounge showers.

A refundable deposit of R25 000 and FICA documents are required to register to take part in the auction. Bidding closes on Thursday 26 November from 10h30.

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