Last updated on Jan 28th, 2021 at 11:36 am

Olympic gold medallist Caster Semenya has launched her latest appeal in a bid to overcome the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s ruling which prohibited her from competing with women unless she took hormone suppressing drugs.

You can’t keep her down! That’s the tune that has been ringing in Caster Semenya’s ears for the past few months ever since CAS issued a verdict that effectively ruled her out of most women’s track and field events. Now she’s taking her appeal to the highest court possible, the European Court of Human Rights as she seeks to overturn the controversial testosterone ban.

Caster launches #OperationRunFree

Caster Semenya has had to deal with more drama than most other athletes during the course of her career, and the runner is still only 29-years-old!

From dealing with widespread discrimination to having her identity as a woman questioned at every turn, the athlete’s road to success has not been easy. In 2020 it looked as if the final blow had been dealt and that her career might be over prematurely after the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland upheld a ruling made by CAS which effectively prevented Caster from competing in the 800m and 1500m events unless she takes medical treatment to reduce the level of testosterone in her body – an unfair ruling that would dramatically alter her performance.


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Caster Semenya continues her fight! Takes her appeal to European Court of Human Rights #OperationRunFree

Caster Semenya has launched a new bid to overturn the controversial DSD ruling issued by CAS in 2019. #OperationRunFree

“We want to restore Semenya’s human dignity & right to participate in sport” – SAHRC, CGE

“It is about restoring her human dignity and rights to participate and have income from sport, as well as [the] rights of other athletes, who have also been discriminated and prejudiced by the new International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) discriminatory regulations that came to effect in 2019,” it

Govt calls for “entire world” to show support for Caster Semenya following dismissal of appeal

South African athletics star, Caster Semenya was dealt a blow at the Swiss Federal Supreme Court this week when her appeal against rules that require her to undergo hormonal therapy was dismissed…


Heading for the Human Rights Court

However, Caster has refused to take that verdict lying down and this week she announced that she would be escalating her battle to the Human Rights Court.

On Tuesday, through her lawyer Greg Nott, Caster revealed that she would be taking up the fight, not only for her own career prospects, but so that other women who are born with differences in sexual development (DSD) would not be discriminated against in Sport. Her lawyer said, “We are hoping to submit our papers at the start of next year. Ms Semenya hopes to see these rules declared invalid, not just so that she may compete, but so that the human rights of athletes around the world are protected,”

“We will argue that the rules implemented by World Athletics are a violation of Ms Semenya’s human rights.”


South Africans back Caster’s latest bid


South Africans on Twitter support Caster Semenya


Caster has received widespread support from her fellow countrymen and women in the time since the news broke

Greg Nott further revealed that the South African parliament, as well as a number of African Human Rights commissions are supporting Caster’s bid to overturn the DSD ruling.

Caster herself has remained calm in the face of adversity and has assured her followers that she will not give up. In September she took to social media to declare, “I will continue to fight for the human rights of female athletes, both on and off the track, until we can all run free the way we were born.”

In the meantime, it remains unclear whether she will be able to compete at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics but her lawyer confirmed that she is training and prepared for all possible outcomes.



Good luck Mokgadi! We are with you!  #OperationRunFree