If you’re tired of applying eye liner daily, you could opt for a more permanent option – a tattooed eyeliner…

The permanent makeup usually lasts between three and five years, after which a touch up will be required. While similar to regular tattoos, a slightly different ink is used – making it less permanent.

However, a needle is still used to ‘deposit’ the ink into the skin around your eyey.

How is the permanent makeup applied?

To create a natural shape, professionals start off by drawing an outline for the eyeliner with their makeup pencil. A topical numbing cream is applied, and left for 15 minutes before a professional makeup artist uses a permanent-makeup machine to draw the narrow lines on the eyelids.

Does it hurt?

People have different pain thresholds, but most describe it as ‘uncomfortable’ but not unbearable. There may be some slight scabbing as the skin heals over the next few days. However, you will be left with a lovely defined eye, and a liner that doesn’t ‘run’ while you’re at the gym or the beach!

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Always do your research on the beauty therapist beforehand and check out their reviews online. Make sure that their salon is sanitary and all relevant health protocols are followed.


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