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Experts predict that this year’s Black Friday sales will trump festive season sales…

If they are correct, this will be the first time since the popular sales day became a regular feature on SA calendars for it to echo the success it has had in overseas markets. This year based on current activity it is clear that Black Friday 2020 is already looming large in both retailers and consumers’ minds.

Since the start of November many South African companies including retail giants like Takealot, Woolworths, and Makro, have already started running regular promotions. But what kind of items will South Africans be looking to save on?

“A Black Friday like no other”

With the country having experienced its first ever lockdown, and the economy taking a hit, will consumers be more selective on the type of products they will spend their money on this Black Friday? Will savings on essential items play a more prominent role in sales this year than just the usual luxury items?

A recent article published by Business Tech, the largest business news website in South Africa, suggests that this will be a Black Friday like no other with consumer behaviour having changed significantly since the start of lockdown.

In the article Debbie Law, retail sector head at RMB, asserts that people are significantly more conscious of what they consider to be value for money, with their concept of luxury items also being redefined. Law is quoted as saying: “They are also evaluating what is ‘need to have’ and what is essential. This places retailers prepared to offer large discounts for value items at the front of the queue.”

‘Pink Friday’ first

And right on cue, a local pharmaceutical company has stepped up and is making their mark in the Black Friday frenzy by introducing ‘Pink Friday’ for the first time ever.

3Sixty Biomedicine’s mission has always been to make a difference in women’s lives since opening their doors. They do this by giving women over the counter access to health products that are inspired by nature’s healing properties, which contain herbal extracts as active ingredients within the products.

So it’s not surprising that they’ve decided to declare this Black Friday as Pink Friday with offers of 35% off any of their Salome range when two or more products are purchased via their 3Sixty Biomedicine website!

Walter Mbatha, CEO of 3Sixty Biomedicine, is eager to provide consumers with an opportunity to enjoy real benefits on essential items this Pink Friday.


Walter Mbatha, CEO of 3Sixty Biomedicine, is eager to provide consumers with an opportunity to enjoy real benefits on essential items this Pink Friday.

“It’s obvious that Black Friday has become a very popular day on the SA retail calendar. We feel passionate about helping people improve their lives, and that is why we have decided to offer consumers such great deals on our product range. Wouldn’t it be so much better to give people the chance to save on items that actually make a real difference in their daily lives? Hence our deliberate departure from the Black Friday norm to create ‘Pink Friday’ where from the 23rd to the 27th of November consumers who are struggling with heavy menstrual bleeding, menstrual pain, and infertility linked to PCOS will now get the chance to buy our Salome products 35% less than its normal retail price when they purchase two or more products from our website,” enthused Mbatha.

Over the counter product alternatives based on herbal extracts

3Sixty Biomedicine’s Salome range offers over the counter product alternatives based on herbal extracts to help people suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding, menstrual pain and PCOS.

The range includes the products Salome Fertility, Salome HMB and Salome Menstrual Pain which are all available online at, on and at most pharmacies nationwide.

For more information on this, and other Salome products, visit the 3Sixty Biomedicine website (, or follow them on social media to see regular updates on other November and holiday season specials.

For more information about Salome Fertility or the Salome range, go to  or connect on social media:


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