Zozibini Tunzi has a fabulous new roommate, the newly crowned Miss USA Asya Branch. The pageant winner moved in to Zozi’s New York apartment this week. 

Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi might have been feeling a little lonely after her previous roommate Cheslie Kryst moved out of their stunning New York Apartment. However, she’s got company once again after her new roomie just moved in: the reigning Miss USA Asya Branch

Zozi welcomes a familiar face

Zozibini Tunzi has had a busy few weeks. Not only did she fly back home to Mzansi, where she judged the Miss South Africa pageant which saw Shudufhadzo Musida win the coveted crown, but she had to jet back to the States for similar duties. The reigning Miss Universe was one of the judges at the recently concluded Miss USA pageant where 22-year-old Asya Branch clinched the title. She wowed Zozibini as a contestant, and now the two will get to know each other on much closer terms. 

Just like her predecessor, Cheslie, Asya moved in to the beautiful New York City apartment reserved for Miss USA and Miss Universe winners and will now be rooming with the South African beauty for the next few weeks until a new Miss Universe is crowned. 

An excited Asya shared a video of her arrival to their new home on social media where Zozibini could be seen giving her the warmest of welcomes. Zozi also left a note for her new roommate which read, “Welcome Home Asya, Miss USA 2020, Love Zozi”. 

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What is it like to room with Zozibini?

Zozibini has been living it up in New York City since she won Miss Universe back in December 2019 and by all accounts she’s been loving her life in the Big Apple. She and Cheslie, her previous roommate, spoke to the New York Times to shed some insight into what it’s like for two pageant winners to live together. 

Cheslie had nothing but great things to say about Zozibini, even though they were both competing for Miss Universe just a few days before they met. She said to the paper, “I was happy that it was Zozi. People handle competition in different ways. Some people are outgoing, some people are quiet. Zozi and me are both chill. We liked to be together in the formations. After I didn’t make top five, I was like, ‘Let it be Zozi.’ ”

Zozibini, meanwhile, was grateful that she had a roommate who accepted her for who she was when she said, “She’s the best roommate ever. Also, I’m a bit messy.”

Let’s hope Asya is just as understanding! Have you seen Zozibini’s New York apartment? Take a look below: 


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