Katlego Maboe might be hiding away from the spotlight but his name resurfaced on social media this week after fans discovered his Playboy Ads. 

The last thing that Katlego Maboe needed this week was for fans to find a way to make him the center of attention once again. The Expresso star has all but disappeared from our television and social media screens as he continues to battle his estranged wife in court. However, he will have been annoyed to see his name crop up on Twitter after fans unearthed some of his marketing images with fragrance brand, Playboy.

Katlego the Playboy?

It has been a difficult two months for presenter and entertainer Katlego Maboe. Once the darling of South African television, Katlego suffered a humiliating fall from grace in October after a video of him confessing to cheating on his wife and allegedly giving her an STD in the process went viral. 

Since then, Katlego has been stripped of his responsibilities as a presenter of SABC 3’s breakfast show Expresso, while he has also been removed from all of OUTsurance’s television ads (he had previously been the star of their “Chencha Daai Ding” campaign).

One brand that has not been quick to remove his face from their marketing material is Playboy Fragrances. Although it might have been a sign of loyalty on their part, Katlego’s association with the brand has turned into a running joke on social media. 

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Katlego maboe for Playboy (image credit: www.instagram.com/magee)


Twitter users joking about Katlego Maboe
Twitter users poking fun at Katlego Maboe’s latest saga


Katlego has been a Playboy Fragrances ambassador since 2019, but most people only caught on this week and without any context, they jumped to the conclusion that he was representing the brand because he himself had been a bit of a playboy. 

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela attempted to set the record straight by sharing some more information about the partnership, but that did nothing to stem the flood of jokes on social media. He wrote, “It’s not photoshopped but the picture is part of a campaign that’s been running since November 2019. Katlego Maboe has been the face of Playboy Signature collection since 2019. These posters have been in stores for just as long.”

Will other brands work with Katlego again? 

Although Playboy has stood by its ambassador, other brands have been quick to distance themselves from the disgraced presenter. Although Expresso suspended him, pending further investigations, recent SABC marketing materials showed him cropped out of the show’s promotional images. 

As well as that, there have been rumours that Katlego may have behaved inappropriately while he was an ambassador for Lay’s potato chips – although this speculation has yet to be verified by either the brand or Katlego himself. 

With his reputation in tatters and career hanging by a lifeline, it remains to be seen if other big brands will ever work with Katlego Maboe again.