Kylie Minogue did get “very anxious” in lockdown.

The ‘Spinning Around’ hitmaker admits she got a bit “agoraphobic” during the first week of quarantine, and when she did eventually force herself to go outside, she found herself “shaking”.

Kylie Minogue Opens Up About Lockdown

She said: “It was terrifying. I was on my own. Paul was working from home at his place and my family were in Melbourne. I knew that compared to most people I had nothing to complain about. I have a little patch of a terrace and I’d go out every day and look at the blue sky, with no planes crossing through it, and think about my family. It was hard and I did get very anxious. During the first week I got a bit agoraphobic. I’d watch the news and worry. The last time I was home in Australia was Christmas – I still haven’t been able to see my family – and although you can speak to each other, you can’t be with them. I remember after a few days making myself go out for a walk and I was actually shaking.”

A Helpful Friend In Need

And Kylie recalled the generosity of one of the local delivery men.

She added to the Mail on Sunday’s You magazine: “Then lovely unexpected things happened. I started ordering deliveries from a local deli. I didn’t use my real name and I never wore make-up, and was rotating two tracksuit bottoms and three T-shirts. I opened the door and my delivery man, Noel, handed over my food then told me he’d seen me in concert at Hampton Court. Every time I ordered a delivery – basically every day – Noel would turn up and we’d chat. He’d add little tubes of toothpaste and anti-bac gel. He was so lovely and kind that it just cheered me up.”

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