Diwali is here, ringing in the beginning of the festive season and the end of a hectic year

The festival of light is just what we need after months of anxiety and frustration. It is the perfect reason for good cheer neighbourliness and celebration.
If the week has gotten the better you, we’re coming to your rescue with quick and easy Diwali recipes that are simply divine.

Almost too cut to eat soji cake pops

Nothing says’ celebration like cake pops. Bianca Naidoo’s Indian twist on the everyday vanilla cake pop has a second twist to it. Her Soji cake is made from Taystee Wheat instead of Soji (semolina).
Kershnee Kallee, Marketing Manager at Jungle, says that although there are so many dishes that come to mind when you think of Diwali, the festival is most famous for its sweet goods. “One of the most commonly baked Diwali dishes has to be Soji Cake, which is most commonly made with Semolina; however, bakers can also use Taystee Wheat which is a staple in so many homes due to its versatile nature.”

Soji Cake Pops Recipe

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Traditional Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun means rose berry and that is exactly what these milky bulbs taste like…
Similar to the South African Koeksuster but more aromatic with delicately balanced flavours, this milk-based treat is steeped in rose flavoured syrup giving it a distinctly floral taste.
Gulab Jamun is an Indian dessert also popular Nepal, Pakistan, the Maldives, and Bangladesh. They are typically a celebratory food, perfect for Diwali and other festive celebrations. Tuck into these rose flavoured balls of happiness for a taste like no other.

“Rose flavoured balls of happiness”: Delicious Gulab Jamun Recipe

Simply delicious Vada

This delicious Indian snack is the perfect on the go comfort food.
It is wholesome delicious and packed with nutrients making it not only the perfect finger food but also a great lunchbox snack.

Flavourful Vada Recipe

Rich and indulgent Chocolate and Rose Indian Milk Cake Recipe

There are few things as decadent as roses and chocolates.
This traditional Indian chocolate cake is the perfect celebratory food and one of the very few mays to make a chocolate cake even better.

Chocolate and Rose Indian Milk Cake Recipe


Sticky Fig and Walnut Pudding recipe

Do away with the thick wintery Christmas pudding this year and opt for a fruity and nutty baked pudding of another kind. This fig and walnut pudding drenched in caramel is delicious with vanilla ice cream and is the perfect way to end your meal.

Bourbon Boulevardier recipe

A simple cocktail with American and French roots. Try it with Woodford Reserve Wheat Whiskey. What is wheat whiskey? All whiskey is distilled from grain. The type of grain and other intricacies in the distilling process determines the type of whiskey. […]

Easy green bean casserole recipe

A busy day meets the need for a wholesome home-cooked meal and the realisation that you only have 24 hours in a day; it’s a wake-up call: there is a place for tinned veggies in your kitchen. While you could […]

Easy no-churn Peppermint Crisp icecream recipe

Inspired by the much lover Peppermint Crisp tart, this Peppermint Crisp ice-cream has all the delicious caramel and mint flavours of the tart and an extra dash of creamy decadence from the custard and the whipped cream.

Berry delicious berry trifle recipe

There are very few foods as festive as trifle! A traditional British dessert, it has been adopted and adapted to suit South African tastes and our wide variety of seasonal fruit (every season). This bright and delicious berry trifle is a beautiful celebration of summer strawberries and fresh pomegranate…