Da L.E.S is tapping into amapiano culture as he features some of the genres hottest budding artists on his brand new single, Elon Musk. Definitely a track for those with expensive taste! 

If you’re reading this on a Friday (the day this article has been written) then you’re probably gearing up for a weekend filled with smooth grooving and hopefully socially-distant partying. A party can’t get started without great music and that’s exactly what Da L.E.S and friends have in store for us today. 

A very expensive new single from Da L.E.S

Anybody who has followed Da L.E.S over the last few years of his career will be well aware of the fact that he has made a name for himself in the hip hop world. However, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t mind collaborating with different tastemakers and that’s exactly what he did on his latest single, titled Elon Musk, which released on Friday the 13th. 

The title and chorus of the song pay homage to the South African-born tech mogul, Elon Musk, who is currently worth around $92 Billion (around R1.4 trillion…) so it’s fitting that the key theme of the song is, well, money. 

In the lyrics, Da L.E.S and his collaborators speak extensively about the amount of money they have at their disposal and the numerous items on which they would like to spend that money. Lesley can be heard referencing his expensive Valentino Garavani clothing, his souped-up supercar, and his exclusive All White parties (he hints that the next one will be hosted on a boat). 

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The song also samples Black Motion’s hit single iMali which, you guessed it, is also about money. If your bank balance is a bit low right now, you might not be able to relate to this song. 


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Amapiano meets hip hop

To introduce some more current acts onto the song, Da L.E.S recruits the talents of Focalistic, Kamo Mphela and Jobe London – all of whom have made names for themselves as amapiano hitmakers. In a surprising move, the beat switches halfway through the song from a typical hip hop sound and transforms into an amapiano track where Jobe London’s trademark husk takes over the microphone. 

Focalistic and Kamo Mphela also come into their own as the tempo suits their signature styles. Both, of course, continue the song’s overarching theme and boast about their lavish and luxurious lifestyles. Although it sounds strange to picture a hip hop song fusing with an ampiano beat, the transition is quite seamless – although it must be said, the experiment might not work for everybody. 

Take a listen to Elon Musk below and let us know if you’ll be jamming to the new Da L.E.S track this coming weekend:

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