Beauty Influencer Mihlali Ndamase has shared one of her biggest secret battles: her daily fight against acne. 

Although many people experience acne in their teenage years, there is a large number of individuals who continue to battle the skin condition well into their adult years. We’ve seen and heard a number of testimonies from across the world and it seems as if money or celebrity status won’t always solve the problem. One person who opened up about her own battle with her skin is Mihlali Ndamase, who took to social media this week to share her story. 

Mihlali Ndamase’s acne struggles 

You would think that one of the most beautiful people on social media might be immune to beauty struggles, but when she took to social media to share her story this week, we realised that Mihlali is human too. The makeup and beauty guru revealed that even in her 20s, she has had to fight for the right to have clear and smooth skin for much of her youth. 

If you’ve followed her long enough you will know that she has always been open about her skin struggles, but just when she thought she was in the clear (literally and figuratively), her skin flared up again. Just as she was preparing for a holiday she wrote on Instagram,

“One thing about my acne? It will come back.  I’m so tired of dealing with the same thing, it’s been years. Honestly one of the most emotionally taxing journeys I’ve dealt with, the moment you’re excited about your skin clearing up something goes wrong. I’m so tired.” 

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When fans tried to soothe her by advising her to drink more water, the beauty queen hit back by adding, “You really can’t be ignorant enough to tell someone to drink water when they’re complaining about acne, we are adults surely we know the importance of consuming water daily. Also there are different types of acne, some is the genetic meaning you might have to manage it for life!”

A lifelong battle

Back in 2017, Mihlali shared a YouTube video where she opened up about how she deals with not only trying to clear her acne, but how she tries to heal the scars left behind. Although the problem persists, the advice in her video is still valid for most people. 

In the video description, she was candid as she wrote, “Firstly I’d like to start off by saying that you should never let your skin condition define who you are, and affect you from doing things like starting a YouTube channel. It took a lot for me to get to a point where I’m comfortable enough with my skin to sit in front of a camera, and talk to you openly about it. Also I don’t have any pictures of when my acne was at its worst, because I would delete any I took after analysing my skin process. I was very embarrassed about my skin so I avoided keeping them. Otherwise THANK YOU for tuning in, and being patient with me.”

You can watch the video below and see if any of Mihlali’s tips are helpful for you:

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