Finding a healthy work-life balance

Q: Youâ??re wife, mom, a fitness instructor, model and spokesperson â?? how do you maintain a balance and the energy to do it all?

Stick to a schedule

Iâ??m a big planner. I have a visual planner and plan my schedule at least two weeks in advance. I also believe itâ??s important to schedule down-time and family time. Weâ??re an active family so we tend to spend our down-time together going for bike rides, hikes and walks.

Start the day out right

To maintain my energy, I start my day with a Herbalife Formula One shake, which has the right balance of 21 vitamin and minerals, and pack my bag with healthy snacks.

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Do some prep work

Preparation is the key for success and when it comes to maintaining energy, itâ??s so easy to throw some healthy snacks in your purse â?? like a few almonds, protein bars and a fruit. If you have your healthy snacks, you donâ??t have a reason to buy that chocolate bar! I also pack in healthy snacks for my kids and when Iâ??m travelling, I always have healthy snacks with me!

Have a cheat day

On a Friday, we got out for dinner as a family and I eat whatever I want. Thatâ??s my cheat day. Thereâ??s nothing wrong with having a cheat day, as long as it doesnâ??t turn into a cheat week and then a cheat monthâ?¦

Write down your goals

I still write down my goals and put them somewhere where I can see them. Itâ??s an athlete mentality that still works for me. I encourage my kids to do it too. They write their goals on Post-its and stick them on the fridge. When they achieve a goal, they pull the Post-it down.

Achieving your health goals is 100 percent mind-set. If you think being healthy is hard, it will be. But, if you plan and prepare, it will become a habit and, over time, those healthy habits become a fabulous lifestyle!

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