A week in workouts

Q. What does your typical workout routine look like?

Daily morning workout

When I’m at home, I start bright and early with my 10:10 programme â?? which hasn’t changed much over the years. I do 10 reps of 10 exercises and I do three sets. Sometimes I mix it up by timing myself, instead of counting reps, so that I do as many reps as I can in the time.

I also like interval training so sometimes, instead of my 10:10 workout, Iâ??ll go for run and alternate between running, walking and sprinting.

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Resistance training

I try to lift weights two to three times a week. When I’m travelling (and I travel at least 12 days in a month) Iâ??ll use my own body weight or a resistance band that I pack in my bag.

Weekly yoga class

On a Friday morning, my husband and I do yoga. For me, it feels like a reward for my body – I get to stretch and focus on my breathing. Itâ??s still an excellent workout, and it helps build your core, but itâ??s also a mental stress release for me.

Time-saving fitness tips

Q: What are your top time-saving fitness tips for busy women?

When you donâ??t have much time to exercise, do a high intensity workout.

If Iâ??m short on time, and only have 20 minutes, Iâ??ll do a high intensity workout. If I have more time the next day, Iâ??ll do low intensity workout â?? like walking or cycling – for about 60 minutes. Itâ??s a great way to mix up, keep your body guessing and reduce the risk of injury.

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