Top three exercises for women

Q: If you could recommend just three exercises to help women tone up, what would they be and why?


This exercise that tones your booty (glutes) and works your largest muscles groups. When youâ??re short on time, aim to work the largest muscle groups because it gets your heart rate up fast and uses more energy.

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A push-up works your entire body. Itâ??s what we call a total body move. You work your arms, back, core, butt and legs. Try slowing down and youâ??ll spend a little longer in that plank position, which engages your transverse abdominals, the muscles behind your six-pack. These are the muscles that â??pullâ?? your tummy back. So, if you want a flat stomach, you want to work these muscles!

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Doing step-ups helps get the heart rate up and works those largest muscle groups in the lower body. It helps tone calve muscles, hamstrings (back of the legs) and booty. Also, studies have found that impact exercise boosts bone health so the impact of stepping up and down is a great way to help prevent osteoporosis.

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