In late October this year, a high school student from Cape Town reached out to “The Kiffness” (musician David Scott) for help for his upcoming matric dance…

While many schools around the country had cancelled matric celebrations, Jonathan Bouwer’s school went ahead after lockdown restrictions were lifted to level 1 and an ‘unofficial’ dance was held. But Jonathan was stuck without a suit at short notice.

Enter The Kiffness!

Social media is a two-sided coin. There are many down sides to it, but this time, everything worked out for the best and Mzansi chipped in with some major support too.

Jonathan sent a message to The Kiffness on Instagram, saying how much he loved David and his suit.

“I’m a huge fan of yours and your music. Just the way that you interact with people and how you make them laugh is amazing.”

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“Now with lockdown regulations being eased, our school was fortunate enough to help us organise our matric ball. I had a vision for my suit, it was supposed to have an eccentric floral theme, but no suit shop in CT could supply.”

“What would the possibility be of me wearing that awesome floral suit that you rock so hard. It’ll be an awesome thing,” he asked.

Of course, The Kiffness obliged, and shared the whole story on his Facebook page with the message “THIS is what the internet was made for!”

The kind gesture went viral and Jonathan and his partner were able to attend their ball in the utmost style. The suit looked like it was made for the teen! It fit absolutely perfectly and was complete with a matching waistcoat.

But that’s not where the story ends…

On Thursday, The Kiffness shared an awesome update, and praised Jonathan’s integrity.

“Many of you have followed the story of the Matric student, Jonathan Bouwer, who borrowed my suit for his school’s unofficial Matric dance,” he posted.

“The response on this story has been nothing short of amazing, but I’d like to share a little follow up. Jonathan contacted me this morning after just finishing Maths paper 1 & returned my suit dry-cleaned, with a very kind gesture of a lekka bottle of wine & flowers for my wife.”

“Jonathan is a true gent. Seeing some of the photos from his dance really warmed my heart & gives me hope in what often feels like such hopeless times in our beautiful country. I commend his parents for raising such a fine young gent. I wish him all the best & all the other Matrics for the rest of their exams.”