Disconnecting from our devices seems to be more difficult than ever as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

From virtual meetings to video call family catch-ups, technology has become a lifeline. It doesn’t always have a positive impact on our mental health, however.

That’s why we’re sharing a guide to assist you to take control of your digital wellness. These tips and tricks will get you started on creating healthy technology consumption habits.

1.     Spend less time on your screen:

Being home more often than usual has resulted in everyone spending way more time on their devices. This is not entirely a bad thing, because we’re working from home and keeping ourselves entertained during our spare time. Setting boundaries is essential, though.

2.     Prioritise your time:

Stop yourself from checking every notification that pops onto your screen (including those YouTube alerts from your favourite channel). A helpful way to overcome this is to set your phone on Do Not Disturb, which will hide notifications, so you can prioritise your to-dos.

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3.     Limit your binging habits:

Spending hours on YouTube is easy to do. That may be great for our unending need to be entertained but could stop you from focusing on other things. Set a reminder on your YouTube mobile app to take breaks so you don’t spend too much time on one go. Take this a step further by setting your YouTube app to only send you one push notification per day.

Read in bed
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4.     Unplug when it’s time for bed:

Bedtime is arguably the most important part of the day, as it sets you up for success the following day. Children are going to sleep late because they think they have nothing to do, but end up barely awake the next morning. That’s why setting some bedtime limits could do wonders for your morning routine.

5.     Wind down at a specific time:

When you’re ready to call it a night simply changing your display on your phone’s settings to activate Night Light helps reduce blue light, which often delays sleep-inducing melatonin.  Try reading a book or journaling, that way you ease into sleep mode.

6.     Help your kids call it a night:

As a parent, using the Family Link app which helps you set digital ground rules for your kids can be helpful for bedtime because you can remotely lock their devices when it’s time to sleep.

7.     Create a healthy work-home-life balance:

Creating a healthy work-home-life balance is essential to staying on top of your mental wellbeing, and with a few readjustments to your routine, you can better manage your mental health.

8.     Nurture family relationships:

Family can be tough to handle, especially when you’ve been spending as much time together as we have this year. This can be turned into positive though. Instead of spending your evenings and weekends on your devices, have game nights, and frequent device-free dinners.

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9.     Silence the noise during work hours:

Our work schedules can get demanding, and managing all those email notifications can get overwhelming. Gmail’s mobile app has a feature, powered by AI, that you can enable so it only notifies you of important emails. This helps reduce distractions.

10.  Let your kids lead:

Get the kids involved by asking them how much time they think they should spend on their devices. That way, you’re setting ground rules as a collective, and putting responsibility in their hands.

Overall, being aware of your consumption habits sets you up for great digital wellness.

Track your habits

With easy-to-use resources such as Google’s Digital Wellbeing features and app*, which gives you insights on how much time you spend on your device daily, you can better manage your technology habits.

And just like what you eat, it’s important to assess what technology you consume regularly.

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