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What do you do with a tiny little guest bathroom when it needs a little bit of spice? Should you go with small tiles and a subdued colour palette or should you go ‘crazy’ with creativity?

Working with a small space can be just as challenging as working with a very large one. You don’t want to feel like the space is even ‘smaller’ with the design choices you make. But it’s also a perfect opportunity to make a statement. How can we all create an environment that’s a good vibrational match with our personalities?


Design diva Melanie Ewing of Chapters Interiors helps unpack the mysteries of size, scale and proportion to help you find balance and harmony in your home design.  Get the scale, proportion and size right, and everything sings in glorious harmony. Get it wrong, and everything screeches at you.

Here’s this week’s question:

Q: We have a tiny guest bathroom that we want to ‘zhuzh up’. But I have no idea how to tile it. I guess small space, small tiles?

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Melanie Ewing:

You could use small tiles.  Or you could go big, go bold, go wild, go colourful – in a space that will have everyone talking about your creativity.

Guest bathrooms are a great opportunity to get creative ideas out of your system, wow both your guests and yourself, and splash those creative juices all over every surface.

Shop the look:

If you decide to keep it petite, consider Italtile’s mini subways:

Modern living means smaller spaces, and smarter solutions are needed for bathrooms with less legroom:

Compact Basin:



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