Summer is in the air so why not add a new hot drink into the mix and you summer vibe will be complete

Love summer drinks that are on the light side with a bit of ‘sparkle’ and a sweet taste? Then the newly launched Bernini Amber Frizzantè is just for you.

My Friyay started off with a ‘bang’ after receiving a gift package containing the new addition to Bernini’s premium ready-to-drink range.

Perfectly wrapped in a cream coloured box – complete with a gold bow – I felt like a little girl all over again on a Christmas morning.

The packaging looked beautiful, but not as good as what was inside. The box contained three bottles of the new Bernini Amber Frizzantè, two gorgeous glasses embellished with the Bernini logo and other goodies.

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My new fave

Being a ‘virgin’ when it comes to Frizzantès, I could not wait to try out this new drink. And I have to admit that Bernini made my first experience memorable. I have found a new fave indeed.

It is crisp and refreshing with a grape taste that makes it simply delicious and just what everyone needs to cool down on hot summer days. I loved how this drink was just perfectly balanced – not too bitter and not too sweet either – definitely THE perfect drink for me.

The Bernini Amber is a naturally sweet grape Frizzantè with a delicious sparkling wine taste. The petite size of the bottle and the can – which look really good by the way – is a definite plus for me as it means I can take it practically anywhere and enjoy it in style.

Frizzantès have become quite popular, but what exactly are they. They are basically semi-sparkling wines with a touch of bubbles – think of them as lighter versions of champagne.

The ‘new glow in town’ is made for glow getters who love life and live it to the fullest. This latest addition will be your go-to favourite all summer long and will add that ‘glow’ to your days this season.

So whether you are heading for a picnic, braai or just spending the day at the beach, Bernini Amber will make a great companion.

Bernini Amber is available in a 275ml bottle as well as a 440ml can and can be purchased at leading liquor outlets.

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