Breaking off a block of Lindt chocolate is always a special moment. Never a quick grab and never a distracted munch. Always a slow, ‘let it melt in my mouth and savour the taste of each flavourful nibble’…

It’s a ritual that goes well with wine-sipping, a full-on dessert, and it’s never crossed my mind to pair it with gin.

I’m new to gin sipping, I never have it neat, it’s always with a tonic or some sort of juice or sparkling something. Until one sunny Saturday afternoon where I not only took multiple sips of neat gin but did it while eating pieces of delicious chocolate…

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Well this was unexpected

Gin and tonics are thee sundowner at the moment. My best gin experience was at a restaurant where you pick an experience; combining scents and tastes you like to create an epic gin cocktail.

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My first tentative sips of Inverroche Gin were a pleasant surprise. None of the jarring face twisting bitterness I expected. Rather a refined and fragrant taste I really wouldn’t mind having over ice after a long day.

My Favourite gin was Amber which I naturally paired with my favourite chocolate from the Lindt Excellence range, Orange Intense and it was heavenly.

It is a mature taste, a perfect balance of sweet and bitter.

Here’s the trick

When pairing tea and biscuits or scones (yes this is a real thing, an underrated art if you ask me) you want to find a balance that tastes good when the tea and the biscuit are in your mouth at the same time.

The trick with pairing chocolate and gin is to pair the taste of the chocolate with the after taste of the gin, rather than the gin itself.

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Open to exploration

While the pairing card suggests some gin mixes that would go well with the experience, I really enjoyed the actual taste of the gin and for once actually experienced all the different flavours that go into each variant from the crisp and clean taste of the Inverroche classic, the sweet and fragrant notes of the Verdant and of course my absolute favourite Amber which is somehow both delicately sweet and full of robust flavour at the same time.

As with wine tasting, I am strongly opposed to the exacting rules of what does and does not go well, because food is in every way a subjective experience. I strongly recommend laying out an assortment of chocolate and nibbles to pair as you like, taste and experiment while catching up over laughter and conversation. Lindt Fruit Sensations wouldn’t be out of place here.

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