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Your bathroom can be your sanctuary; a safe and private space. You go in and out of your bathroom multiple times a day without even thinking about

However, if you are not careful, your bathroom can also become a hazardous place with dangerous and conceivably deadly possibilities.

Mould in all the wrong places

Damp and humid is an accurate description of most people’s bathrooms, especially after the whole family has bathed and showered.

As the steam and wetness collect in hidden corners, between the tiles and sometimes inside the ceiling and beneath the tiles it creates the perfect environment for mould to grow.

Although mould is common and rarely kills anyone, some people are sensitive to the spore’s releases by the mould which can cause breathing problems.

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What you need to know about mould in your home

Bad chemistry

Cleaning the bathroom sometimes calls for some heavy-duty cleaning materials, mixing up a cocktail of your strongest cleaners could either be a genius idea or a hospital visit waiting to happen.

Mixing chemicals can lead to unexpected reaction including skin irritation, lung and sinus irritation.

Avoid mixing cleaning chemicals, and if you do have to mix things up, make sure your bathroom is well ventilated and that you wear gloves and avoid getting the mixtures on your skin.

You just need these 2 simple ingredients to get your tile grout sparkling!

Toxic air freshener

Most people do not spare a thought to the toothbrushes, face cloths and even the toilet paper that comes into contact with droplets of air freshener as they do away with pesky bathroom odours.

Toxic air freshener can cause mild to severe irritation if ingested or if it comes into contact with your bare skin. Be conscious of this when shopping for air freshener and opt for a non-toxic option which is less likely to elicit a negative reaction.

Make your own liquid air freshener


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