Sir Elton John is “very good” at cleaning his house. The ‘Tiny Dancer’ hitmaker prides himself on how “pristine” he keeps his home – which he shares with his husband David Furnish and their two children, Elijah, seven, and Zachary, nine – as he said that whilst he hates doing the “washing and ironing”, he is particularly skilled at vacuuming.

He said: “I am no good at washing and ironing but I am very good at Hoovering and polishing. My house is pristine.”

Elton is currently planning his retirement from touring after having to halt his farewell tour this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, and has said his decision to stop travelling the world was mostly influenced by his children.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday newspaper, he added: “David and I looked at our lives, and the boys’ lives, and he said, ‘They are going to be in school and you’re on the road all the time’.

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“Before children, that is all I wanted to do. I was going to die on stage. Now I want to spend time with my family. I want to be with my children when they need me.”

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Meanwhile, the 73-year-old musical icon recently said he’s loved spending “every single day” of the coronavirus lockdown with his family.

He shared: “The great thing about lockdown, and the silver lining, is that I’ve spent so much time with Zachary, Elijah and David.

“I never get to spend much time with them anyway, so since March when we left Australia we’ve been in complete lockdown either in Los Angeles or in Britain and we’ve spent every single day together and it’s been wonderful.”


Author: BANG Showbiz