It’s been 25 years since “that” bombshell interview between Princess Diana and BBC’s Martin Bashir.

The 1995 interview gripped the world. The heartbroken Princess shared details on the collapse of her marriage to Prince Charles. “There are three of us in this marriage,” she told Bashir.

But what caused the Princess to speak out?

Fake documents pretending to show how Diana’s courtiers were sharing private information with the broadcaster were used to sway her decision. Diana was ‘forced’ to share her side of the story, in order to counter what the courtiers were saying.

The fake documents came to light shortly after the interview went public.

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This is what Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, is still fuming about. In a strongly worded letter to the BBC  published in The Daily Mail,  the earl has accused Bashir of “yellow journalism”. He also accuses the BBC of whitewashing the whole incident. An investigation into the matter by the BBC in 1996 appeared to show that no lines had been crossed.

Spencer has demanded a new inquiry into Bashir and the faked documents

He also wants the BBC to apologise posthumously to Diana, and contribute a substantial amount of the profits made from the interview to charities linked to the Princess.

He also rejected the BBC’s latest apology over the incident.

The BBC confirmed that it would be looking into the matter, but Martin Bashir is currently battling severe health issues after contracting Covid-19.

Why is it all being brought to the surface again – 25 years after ‘the interview’?

Interest around the interview has been reignited following a Channel 4 documentary detailing how Bashir managed to secure the story.

The documentary brought a number of issues to the surface, prompting Charles Spencer to contact the BBC for an apology and investigation into the matter.