Siya and Rachel Kolisi might be one of Mzansi’s most adorable couples, but they need to work on their dance choreography. Siya even asked Queen B if she could assist!

This time last week the entire country was going crazy over Beyoncé and Adidas’ latest Ivy Park collection, dubbed the “Drip 2” range. The athleisure brand usually sells out extremely quickly in stores, but certain celebrities are lucky enough to get their own special packages sent directly to them by Queen B herself.

The likes of Busiswa and Moonchild received their own special boxes and Springbok captain Siya Kolisi and his wife Rachel were also sent a special package. However, the lovers needed a bit more help when they tried to celebrate the good news. 

5 Things from the new Beyoncé Ivy Park #Drip2 collection that we want but can’t afford

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“I didn’t know it was this bad!”

After receiving their his-and-hers Ivy Park gifts, Siya and Rachel attempted to celebrate with a pre-rehearsed celebratory dance – in proper influencer style. It all looked like it was going according to script when they emerged from behind their beautifully packaged gifts, perfectly in-sync. Little did we know what was to come. 

Clearly forgetting whatever routine they had practised before, Rachel decided to go off script and share her joy with her own dance moves. Clearly recognising that he needed to bring in a professional to help them both, Siya wrote on Instagram, “Good Morning, Sisi Beyoncé and Adidas are doing the most with Ivy. Please do help for any dancing for coaches for Rachel Kolisi. I didn’t know it was this bad” 

Just in case you think Siya was exaggerating, take a look at the video below: 



Rachel’s Two Left Feet 

Rachel Kolisi is very talented at many things. She’s a creative influencer on social media, and a wonderful ambassador for fitness and health. She’s a loving mother and a supportive wife. However, one thing we can safely say that she is not particularly gifted at is dancing. 

The first lady of the Springboks has proven time and again that she was blessed with two left feet and no rhythm in any of her other limbs. Earlier this year Siya tried his best to teach her how to dance to DJ Mata’s popular song Bhenga. His instruction to his wife was to “relax” her body but just like in the video above, after two attempts, he gave up! 

They might not be heading for Strictly Come Dancing any time soon, but there’s no doubting that Siya and Rachel are one of South Africa’s cutest couples. Although, jokes aside, if there’s a choreographer around please send Rachel some tips!

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