We take a closer look at some of the reasons behind Bonang’s consistent hot streak in the entertainment industry. No matter the year, Bonang is always at the top. 

If there’s one thing Bonang Matheba is good at, it’s winning. Whether we’re talking literally winning awards and plaudits, or we’re talking metaphorically – winning by continuously making smart business moves, Bonang has proved time and time again that she is a bona fide champion.

But what exactly is the secret to her continuous and never-ending success? 

Bonang is living her best life with her ‘new baby’: BNG Nectar

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She always knew she was special

From a young age, Bonang Matheba always believed that she was special and this was affirmed by her family. That attitude has paved the way for the confidence she has today, something she admits by saying “I was the centre of attention, given everything, always reassured, and I think that’s where I built my confidence. From a very young age I was told ‘you can do anything, be anything, go anywhere, do whatever it is you want to do’,”  she told The Sowetan in an interview.

She treats herself like a brand 

Bonang has often spoken about how she treats herself like a brand and manages herself like a business. In this in-depth interview below, she opens up about what that looks like, and the importance of certain aspects such as online reputation management, and how she crafts her own brand story. She also shared her insights on where certain brands get it wrong, touching on how instant gratification has warped the expectations of millennials especially. 


Her comebacks overshadow her setbacks

Bonang is not immune to setbacks, she’s still human after all. She’s lost gigs, she’s made mistakes, she’s been mocked by Twitter… Everybody experiences challenges but Bonang proves that the key to succeeding in life is to keep it moving. 

Bonang Tweeting She’s On her Way To London (Image Credit: www.twitter.com/Bonang_M)

She’s got a world-class team

Bonang once described the nature of her team and it was breathtaking. In an interview with The Citizen she said, “I’m a big planner, luckily I have an American team. I work with Harrison who I’ve flown here to South Africa for a number of things… so I have a team. I have a make-up artist there, I have a management team. I have a team in London and Dubai as well. So I don’t take my whole team with me, I just take what is needed. I have people all over the world who take care of me.”

She’s still Mo’Ghel! 

At the end of it all, Bonang would not be the Queen of South African entertainment if she didn’t know what it took to be South African. She admitted in the same interview that she’s fun, quirky and very South African and very SeTswana. She loves Chicken Licken, she loves sharing memes with is and above all – She is still Mo’Ghel from Mahikeng.