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Let’s face it, 2020 has been a tough year. And that’s putting it lightly…

The reality is that this COVID-19 thing has hit us all hard, even if we didn’t get sick. But we’re on the way to Christmas, and festive season time, and hopefully that’ll bring us some joy. And one of the ways to find your joy is by finding a bargain! The best place for that? BLACK FRIDAY.

Here’s how to win Black Friday this year – from the comfort of your home

Online shopping is the best way to get your Black Friday deals this year. No one wants to be out in crowds with the pandemic still a reality. Plus, online shopping means you won’t have to wrestle other shoppers for that last bag of toilet rolls!

Where to start?

1.     Figure out what you WANT and what you NEED

The first step seems simple, but it needs a lot of effort: think about what you may need (or want) to buy.

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  • The list of available items is long: appliances, tech, presents, alcohol, food items, sports goods, clothing and more.
  • In the case of something like clothing, be specific, and if possible go past that store and try on some items before the sale so you have a good idea of your sizing requirements – otherwise you may be buying the wrong stuff (you can return it, but then you didn’t actually get it…)

Top Tip: Write down your list and prioritise the items you’re going to search for first. The ones you actually NEED.

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2.     Identify reputable stores that sell the items you want and need

There are a lot of scammers out there. Make sure you only shop at reputable stores, and that they have systems in place that will protect your banking details.

  • Save the store’s URLs in your online Bookmarks so they’re easy to find again.
  • Create user profiles for each store so that you can log in and check out easily (and you don’t waste time with admin on the day of the big sale!)

TOP TIP: Make sure you check shipping costs & times, stock levels, and after sales service. Make sure you can return items if you’re not happy with them, and that the return shipping cost is covered. These are pretty basic ideas in online shopping for all times of year, but on Black Friday the stores may change policies due to the fact that the items are on sale, so check and have peace-of-mind.

3.     Now do your research

Browse the stores you’ve identified, and find the items you’ve got your eye on.

For example, if you’re interested in a TV, find the exact one you want. Choose the size, display type, smart capabilities, and brand that you like. Make sure to read the reviews of other customers regarding each item to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting. There’s nothing more frustrating than believing the hype about something and then receiving it, only to discover that you’ve wasted your money.

TOP TIP: I usually look at the negative reviews more than the positive ones, as I’m more interested in what people DIDN’T like than how perfect they thought the item was. Weigh up the bad reviews vs the good ones, and decide whether or not you’d like to own that item.

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4.     Add items to your shopping cart ahead of time

Once you’ve identified all your ‘want/need’ items at reputable stores, add them to your shopping cart and save the listings.

Now you’ll be able to go straight to your cart on Black Friday and you’ll be able to see which items are available at a bargain and which aren’t.

This makes the checkout quicker and easier.

TOP TIP: When paying for your items on Black Friday, choose your preferred shipping address, and pay by credit card (if you have one) as you are more protected this way than if you just EFT the money.

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5.     Midnight shopping

If you REALLY want to get great deals, and you don’t want to miss out on the items that have limited stock, it’s a good idea to stay up until midnight when many of the sales go live! This means you’ll be one of the first to click ‘purchase’ while others are still sleeping.

  • When Black Friday goes live, open the websites that you saved in your bookmarks, and check your carts on the items you NEED.
  • If your items are not on the sale, close that page and head to the next one in the list. Don’t waste time looking around. You’re just here to buy what you already chose. If those things aren’t there, then you’re out.
  • Repeat the steps above at all the stores you chose to shop at. Once you’re done, you’re done. No more looking around and trying to find other deals. You have to stop somewhere.

TOP TIP: Don’t spend money that you don’t actually have. There’s always another sale just around the corner.


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