Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits. One of these benefits is aiding weight loss.

While many have been sceptical about Apple cider vinegar’s effectiveness as a weight-loss tool, scientific studies have proven that apple cider vinegar not only contributed to weight loss but also lower blood sugar.

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It’s not just an ‘old wives tail’

Although apple cider vinegar’s place as a wonder weight-loss food has been questioned a Japanese Study showed that drinking ACV in a drink daily was linked to more weight loss and lower blood sugar over time. While the study showed that all vinegar had contributed to weight loss in obese patients, ACV showed undeniable results when compared to the results of a placebo. 

While the results are very real, drinking ACV alone will not lead to any drastic weight loss. ACV should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercises for the best results.

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An appetite surpressant

Aside from seemingly being a natural fat burner, ACV is also a great appetite suppressant. 

According to an article by Nutritionist & Visiting Fellow, UNSW, Rosemary Staton, ACV can also be used as an appetite suppressant.

Taken in warm water before a meal it can make you feel fuller and reduce the chances of overeating and in that way preventing weight gain. 

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There are side effects

Although ACV has other health benefits as well, there are some health risks to drinking too much of it, especially without diluting it. 

” A word of warning: don’t drink apple cider vinegar “neat”. It can damage the throat and oesophagus. Even diluted, its acidity can damage tooth enamel,” says Rosemary. 


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