DA politician, Phumzile Van Damme, showed her funny side this week when she took to the timeline to share an embarrassing story about her sister, Qiniso Van Damme. The younger sibling might want to look away for this one…

It’s about to be a very serious weekend in the DA camp, as the party prepares for its virtual electoral conference. The party members will be voting to elect a new leader and the mood is tense, to say the least. So you can understand why DA member and former spokesperson Phumzile Van Damme might have wanted to lighten the mood this week. She found a hilarious way to do so: by picking on her younger sister, Qiniso!

An hilariously embarrassing thread

The Van Damme sisters have proven to be quite an affable pair in the public light, but we’re sure that Qiniso must have been cringing after her older sister decided to share a few embarrassing stories from their childhood.

Although 27-year-old Qiniso is an accomplished model, masters student and now television personality, Phumzile went to great lengths to show the world that she didn’t always have it altogether when they were growing up!

You could sense that Phumzile was about to uncover some files when she took to Twitter to write:

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“Who wants an embarrassing story about Qiniso Van Damme? She’s made it very clear to the family that we are not to embarrass her. She’s always said this, last borns (She included an emoji with rolling eyes). She’s 10 years younger than me and not the boss of me, I’ll do what I want.”

She then launched a thread of cute and funny pictures of her sibling from their childhood days, with each caption funnier than the last. Take a look below:


Phumzile Van Damme’s hilarious Twitter Thread (www.twitter.com/zilevandamme)


Just in case Phumzile thought she was out of the woods, her sister issued a warning that there was more where this had come from when she wrote, “Today I’m feeling generous. I have plenty embarrassing stories. Who knows what the future holds? Who knows which childhood story I will reveal next?”


You can’t ever win on Twitter!

This light-hearted thread shouldn’t have inspired any mean comments or negative feedback but if there’s one thing you can count on Twitter for, it’s exactly that kind of behaviour.

When she shared the final tweet, one particularly sour follower hit back with an insult directed at Qiniso when they wrote, “I am sorry. But the most embarrassing story must be putting herself into a women auction on the Bachelor.”

Qiniso Van Damme was one of the 22 women competing in the second season The Bachelor South Africa earlier this year and has since been named as South Africa’s first-ever Bachelorette.

Although she didn’t win, she clearly left an impression on South Africans. Refusing to watch a stranger slander her sister, Phumzile hit back with a spicy reply of her own when she said,

“The most embarrassing story here is that you think your approval is needed. That your opinion has some sort of effect & matters. No one cares what you think. I don’t care. Qiniso doesn’t care. Mind your own life, which, I assume is the pinnacle of perfection. Stay in your lane”.


Only siblings can poke fun at their own siblings – strangers beware!

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