A new innovation by Pick n Pay allows for Smart Shopper customers to receive their till slips via email…

Most of us throw away our till slips instead of recycling them, so the move is part of the retailer’s plans to reduce waste. A small summary slip will still be printed, but the longer, more detailed one will be digitally stored on the customer’s profile.

The digital slip will also ensure that any important slips that customers need to keep are safely stored online. If a product needs to be returned, customers will be able to show their digital receipt in their email or PnP mobile app to the customer services department.

According to reports from the retailer, close to 13,000 customers have already signed up to the system for the pilot phase.

Here’s how Smart Shoppers can opt in for digital receipts:

Sign up for an online profile using your Smart Shopper card. This can be done via the Pick n Pay app or the website.

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Go to your profile and select the option for Digital Receipts. Ensure your email address is accurate. Click ‘Save’.

Pick n Pay digital till slip

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