The endomorph body type – which is third in the list of common body types – describes people with a curvy body shape

The people in the endomorph body type usually don’t fall under one category. They are all naturally curvy however, some can have a small waist while others have a fuller figure and a round body.

Endomorphs have a high percentage of body fat and sometimes find it hard to lose weight. They have a larger frame with a heavier or rounder body shape.

Healthline says: “Endomorphs are said to have a higher percentage of body fat with less muscle mass. Because of their physical makeup, people with endomorphic bodies are more sensitive to calorie consumption than people with other body types.”

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Some of the characteristics of an endomorph listed on ACE include:

  • Smooth, round body
  • Small shoulders
  • Short limbs
  • Medium to large bone structure
  • Carry weight in hips, thighs and lower abdomen

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ACE revealed that the unevenly distributed weight is the reason why endomorphs usually find it hard to lose weight.

“This pattern of fat distribution makes it a bit harder to lose weight, but with the correct training and nutrition program, they can achieve positive results.”

ACE says the best diet for an endomorph is a Paleo like diet.

Beyoncé, one of the most well-known female celebrities, is an endomorph and her diet is high in plant-based foods.

According to People magazine, Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z changed their lifestyle and the food they eat after having children. Beyonce is said to be on a plant-based diet – but does indulge in a few treats on her cheat days.

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Everyday Health says: “The Paleo diet allows you to eat only those foods that humans ate when they first roamed the planet millions of years ago”.

There are different ways to follow the Paleo diet, according to healthline, and you can adapt it to your preferences and needs.

“Some ate a low-carb diet high in animal foods, while others followed a high-carb diet with lots of plants. In fact, several studies suggest that this diet can lead to significant weight loss (without calorie counting) and major improvements in health”, says healthline.

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Foods you can eat which are part of the Paleo diet:

  • Fruits – apples, berries, pears
  • Vegetables – asparagus, onions, spinach
  • Delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies to try
  • Meat – chicken, lean meats, turkey, salmon, tuna, mackerel
  • Oils – olive oil, walnut oil
  • Nuts – almonds, pistachios
  • Seeds – pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds


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