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Sarah Langa knows a thing or two about the champagne lifestyle and when we bumped into her, she was more than willing to share one of her coolest party tricks – which you can use to impress your friends!

If there’s one thing Sarah Langa brings to an occasion, it’s an air of sophistication. The beauty and lifestyle mega-influencer has been serving #LifeGoals on her social media platforms for much of the past five years and her content has catapulted her to incredible heights. Not only has she travelled the world thanks to her craft, but she has firmly established herself as one of the most influential figures in African pop culture.

As people across Mzansi observed World Champagne Day last week, we had the pleasure of celebrating the occasion with Sarah Langa and the rest of the newly unveiled GH Mumm Squad including Tshephi Vundla, Lerato Sengadi, Somizi and Jessica Nkosi at a glitzy affair in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

Sarah is bundles of fun (and even taller in real life than she looks in pictures!) and when All4Women had the opportunity to speak to her for a brief interview, she shared some insights into her latest partnership, and of course, taught us a thing or two about how to impress our friends when uncorking a bottle of champers.

A classy evening with Sarah Langa

We kicked off our interview, mid-party, by finding a spot to sit. “I’ve been standing all day and I’m in heels!” she explained before we assured her that we had absolutely no issues.

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We kicked off by congratulating her on the amazing news that she was part of the new GH Mumm squad and she immediately beamed as we reminded her of the news. “It’s such an honour, honestly, I’ve always admired them from the outside but it’s great to be working with them as an official partner. We’ve collaborated on events before, but now we get to be family. The whole squad is amazing, Precious, Somizi, Jessica, Lerato, Tshephi – we are all so diverse and everybody brings something a bit different”.

The GH Mumm Squad – Image Credit (provided by Roth Media)


We were curious as to what she believed she brought to the star-studded squad. “I bring a touch of class, as I try to do with everything I do.” We couldn’t deny that having indulged in her content over the years but we were curious as to how she was able to be so consistent with her content across all platforms.

“Look,” she began, “A lot of work goes into what you end up seeing on Instagram. It might take someone a few seconds to scroll through, but what you’re seeing might have taken hours or even days to prepare, plan, and then polish up. I think at one point in my career I realised that I want to treat myself like my own brand and since then I have not held back. And I think it’s no coincidence when you see the brands I align with and work with now, it’s because I’ve put in the work on myself”.

Finding yourself trending every other day seems like a lot of pressure. Sarah was honest when she said that it’s not as easy as it looks. “It really isn’t. I think people want the lifestyle because it looks amazing and looks like fun – which of course it is – but it’s not only that. It’s a lot of strategy, a lot of meetings and always being on your toes for the next opportunity. It’s rewarding, but don’t be fooled – it’s not easy.”

Some champagne party tricks

Of course it was World Champagne Day and we couldn’t leave without asking for some tips on how to open a bottle of champagne. If you’re doing it the normal way, the trick, as Sarah advised, “Is to hold the bottle at the base with your strongest hand, and the cork with your weaker hand. Then, twist from the base, not the cork”.

Touche (It seems some of us had been doing it wrong the whole time). What if one wanted to be extremely fancy at a party and smack a bottle open with a knife, as we’ve seen on television?

“Yes, that is called ‘Sabrage‘ and it’s not as difficult as it looks, let me teach you the key to getting it right. It takes a few important elements.

  • Number 1 – make sure your bottle is chilled, not frozen but definitely cold.
  • Then, take it out the fridge, remove the cage and make sure you hold it up at a 45 degree angle, this is key to ensure you get the right amount of pressure from the bubbles.
  • Next, run the heel of you knife from the bottle to the rim a few times, just to get a feel of the bottle.
  • Once you’re ready, run the knife from the base to the rim with a good amount of speed and impact.
  • The pressure from that hit, along with the pressure from the chilled bubbles, will force the cork to fly open and you will look like the life of the party.
  • Try it and let me know how it goes!

Thank you Sarah, we just might do that sometime soon! Will you be trying this party trick during December?

You can also watch the video below from Elton Brown – TV personality, food show presenter, chef, author, actor… he explains the science behind the uncorking of the bottle.

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