Anti-ageing injectable treatments are growing in popularity the world over. South Africa has an increasing number of people who elect to have surgery and other procedures to change their appearance and improve how they see themselves.

We sat down with one of South Africa’s foremost aesthetic medicine specialists, Dr Reza Mia at his Houghton offices. We chatted about how injectables, and anti-ageing products work, and how to ensure your procedure is safe.

Dr Reza Mia

Our conversation with Dr Reza revealed that we knew very little about these treatments. There are many myths and misconceptions about injectables and anti-ageing treatments.

What exactly are injectables?

Non-surgical injectable and anti-ageing treatments include a wide range of options from dermal fillers and threads to Botox. Aesthetic doctors will consult with each individual client and identify which treatment would suit their needs best.

These procedures are often the go-to for people who do not want to undergo any invasive surgery.

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For more details, watch the video above for everything you need to know about injectable aesthetic treatments before you book your first treatment.

5 Things you need to know about aesthetic medicine and injectable treatments:

1. Cosmetic medicine must be administered by a trained professional

Although many cosmetic procedures are elective, they are still medical treatments and should be administered by a trained and qualified expert in a safe, sanitary and professional environment.

Dr Reza says injectable parties can be dangerous. They can yield undesirable effects, not only because the person injecting the products is not trained, but also because the quality, source and effects of the injectable, cannot be guaranteed.

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2. The best cosmetic procedures look natural

Dr Reza says the point of getting ‘work’ done is not ever to look like you’ve had ‘work’ done. The best-executed procedures look like they never happened at all. 

Are injectable treatments safe?
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3. Practitioners aren’t allowed to advertise the price of aesthetic procedures

Discounts are always tempting. However, Dr Reza says advertising low prices for cosmetic and aesthetic procedures is a red flag and should be a warning that that practitioner is not conducting themselves ethically. 

The HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) which governs the practise of medicine including aesthetic medicine in South Africa has very strict rules about how medical procedures are marketed and advertised.

Practitioners working under the HPCSA and The Health Professions Act (56 of 1974) may share their prices when asked but cannot advertise their prices. 

4. There are more options than you think

When you visit your aesthetic professional with a procedure in mind, you are closing yourself off the many other possibilities a trained professional could offer. From dermal fillers to dermapen, chemical peels, liquid facelifts, and laser skin rejuvenation or pigmentation treatment, there are many options that may suit your needs.

Dr Reza says it is always best to tell your doctor or aesthetic professional what you would like to change, and then allow them to present you with solutions. They have a better understanding of how the face is structured, and how different muscles affect your appearance. They also have a better understanding of products, procedures and what can be done to achieve a look as close to what you want as possible. 

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5. Most injectables are not permanent, and that’s ok

Most injectables do not have permanent effects. That is not only safe but, better for your appearance too. 

While anti-ageing treatments can go a long way towards improving the appearance of ageing, they cannot stop it completely. As your injectable treatments wear off it, gives you and your doctor or aesthetic professional an opportunity to see how best you can complement your face as it changes.

For more information or to book a consultation with Dr Reza visit Anti-ageing art Medical Aesthetic   or

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