Having beautiful looking skin is every woman’s dream and the newly crowned Miss South Africa, Shudufhadzo Musida, has revealed it is possible to have amazing looking skin

This beauty queen, with enviable perfect looking skin, opened up about her skin struggles – from dealing with acne to annoying dark marks.

Shudufhadzo shared a video on her Instagram page where she shared her skin journey and provided some tips on how to get glowing skin.

“My skin journey has not been easy. Trying to find skin products that worked for me was a long trial and error process”, she captioned the video.

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“I’ve been getting a lot of questions, a lot of requests regarding my skin and what I use so I wanted to tell you guys a bit about my journey”, she started off the video.

She then went on to reveal the common skin problems she had to deal with most of her life and also shared photos of how she looked before.

“I struggled with discolouration, acne, blackheads (a lot of blackheads) and dark marks”, she continued.


(Images: Screenshot of video on Instagram @shudufhadzomusida)

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Shudufhadzo revealed the skincare range she is using which helped get rid of all her skin problems.

“When I started using Nimue, I started seeing results within a month. My skin changed drastically…and since I have started using their products I have actually haven’t had a problem with my skin…it changed my life”, she said.

These are her go-to products from the Nimue skincare range; Nimue Cleansing Gel, Nimue Conditioner, Nimue Day Cream, Nimue SPF 40, Nimue Night Cream and Nimue Exfoliating Enzyme.

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She also shared other tips that help keep her skin glowing.

“All I have to do is keep on exfoliating, making sure I drink water so that I can stay hydrated”, she revealed.

Some of her fans also expressed their love for the Nimue skincare range and how it also worked for them.

“Nimue is always a win, my skin flourished when i was using the kit”, one person wrote, and another said: “My absolute favourite…I’ve been a Skin Care therapist for 14years and I can honestly say that @nimueskininternational has changed my skin aswell as so many of my clients”.

Glow on our queen!

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