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Diabetes is becoming more common, but it is still misunderstood. The health and wellbeing of people with diabetes have been cast under the spotlight as it is one of the comorbidities increasing the risk of sever COVID-19

Eating a healthy and balanced diet can help you avoid type-2 diabetes. If you already have it or are hosting someone with diabetes it is of vital importance to make sure the food, drinks and snacks you serve are not only sugar-free but diabetic friendly. 

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 Bring on the good fats

Not all fats are made equal. There are good fats and bad fats; good fats make up part of a healthy diet and are beneficial to your health while bad fats increase cholesterol and contribute to heart disease. 

Saturated and trans fats found in butter, processed foods and some dairy products are bad fats and should be eaten sparingly if not avoided, especially if you are diabetic. 

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 Good fats include polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats found in seeds, nuts avocado, oily fish and plant oils.

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Berry healthy snacks

You don’t need to get sugared up or use expensive sugar substitutes to offer a healthy sweet treat. 

 Visit natures candy store and offer fruits for dessert. 

 Berries are a great option because they have a naturally low GI, bursting with antioxidants among other health benefits, and they are also a complete desert balancing both sweet and tart flavours in each juicy bite. 

Go alcohol-free

Although diabetic people can have some alcohol, it is advised to limit it very strictly. To keep things fun and easy for all your guests; prepare some diabetic-friendly alcohol-free drinks. 

These may be harder to find in stores that you expect. You might end up making the drink yourself. Carbonated iced-teas, fruity virgin mojito’s and your twist on the daiquiri using whatever fruits are in season and a lot of ice are a great starting point for your alcohol-free bar. 


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A salad kind of event

Instead of serving up bowls and bowls of salads, create an interactive salad bar where your guests can build their salads to there specific tastes. You might just be serving boring old salad, but the presentation is key and takes the boring and old, out of people’s reaction to salad. 


Punctuate your light meal with great finger foods to liven up your food offering. 


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